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When you contact Perfectemp for building controls and automation, we open up a world of possibilities.  Cost-savings, energy efficiency, and round-the-clock accessibility are only the beginning.  We allow you to oversee, manage, and improve operation of every commercial system from a touch-screen on the wall of your office or from your smartphone, half a world away.  Whether you would like to optimize comfort, air quality, energy savings, productivity, safety, convenience, or all of the above, Perfectemp handles your most exacting demands with groundbreaking technology, user-friendly controls, and prompt completion of all projects.

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Enjoy the benefits of a building automation system!

The day to day operation of your commercial facility relies on multiple systems all running at peak capacity.  The installation of a modern automation system combines control into a user-friendly interface that offers critical information and alerts, while also facilitating adjustments and reducing disruptions.

Have full control of your building’s systems with automation from Perfectemp!

  • Customize temperature, fan speed, ventilation, air quality, and humidity according to the requirements of independent zones.
  • Enjoy energy saving recommendations and energy tracking.
  • Receive alerts for maintenance requirements and filter changes.
  • Cut 15% off the operating costs of your systems, which results in approximate savings of $.20 to $.40 per square foot.
  • Superior ventilation and air quality enhances worker productivity and reduces absenteeism due to illness.
  • Better control over equipment reduces wear and tear, extends service life, and lowers cost of ownership.
  • Manage your building more efficiently whenever you like, from wherever you are with web-based accessibility.
  • You no longer need to be on the premises to monitor, optimize, and manage operation.


BAS (Building Automation System) Functions:

  • The BAS manages the HVAC system, lighting and other equipment, and monitors the facility’s schedule and reacts to load changes by modifying levels as needed.
  • Real-time temperature and essential information pertaining to HVAC equipment, as well as electrical equipment, power loads, and fire alarm systems can be accessed at any time.
  • By alternating individual workloads of a sequence of boilers or chillers, wear and tear is spread equally among equipment.
  • The BAS ensures rotation of cooling towers, and once building temperature reaches 68 degrees, will circumvent unneeded towers.
  • The BAS regulates the amount of air and water pumped through HVAC equipment, and by adding a secondary pumping system to carry water beyond the primary loop, significant energy is conserved as the ideal amount of heat or cooling is delivered to spaces as needed.
  • Including variable frequency drives (VFD) on the air handling units allows variable water flow when managed by the BAS.
  • The BAS performs automatic duty cycling, rotating pumps and valves to trim energy use, optimize daily operation, and slow aging.
  • The BAS takes load-shedding measures, such as conditioning outside only as required, dimming lights, timing functions to minimize energy use, and taking advantage of non-peak hours.
  • Investment into a BAS results in superior reliability, reduced energy costs, fewer maintenance requirements, and greatly improved operator safety and environmental responsibility.


Support Services from Perfectemp:

  • Perfectemp keeps you updated with the latest innovations and provides the information  you need to operate the system properly and effectively.
  • Remain up-to-date with major and minor releases, as well as revisions, with Software Update Subscriptions.
  • Take advantage of a Technical Support Subscription and have easy access to
    the field support center.
  • An online support center database provides quick answers for questions or troubleshooting.
  • Learn how to maximize the value of your system through comprehensive training courses.
  • Perfectemp offers service agreements for your building automation system, providing critical security measures, promoting maximum efficiency throughout your facility, and ensuring the system is operating effectively.

Learn more about building automation systems to optimize comfort, deliver perfect functionality, and cut operational costs throughout your facility!

  • Siemens APOGEE and TALON building automation systems and HVAC field devices answer the demand of any building style, size, or unique challenge.  Designed for high performance, ultimate efficiency, and long-term reliability, building solutions from Siemens are found throughout the world, working to cut costs and energy usage.  Open communication standards and interfaces allow the incorporation of a wide variety of building control disciplines, such as; heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lights and blinds, safety equipment, and more.  Through the precise management of all system components and processes, greater environmental responsibility, energy efficiency, safety, longevity, and reliability are achieved.  By taking advantage of readily available information, you’ll make smart decisions, pinpoint problems quickly, and increase the productivity of your building.
  • Johnson Controls METASYS BUILDING AUTOMATION SYSTEM provides essential control, resulting in energy savings, reduced operational costs, added safety, and improved productivity.  Connect your HVAC, lighting, security and fire protection systems, and take advantage of a new user interface to quickly recognize potential issues, access essential information, and make better decisions.  Manage your facility through real-time viewing of an individual room or single floor and the associated equipment.  Easily pinpoint critical data, and because it’s mobile-optimized, you remain updated and in control no matter where you happen to be.  Johnson Controls continues to push the envelope, introducing groundbreaking innovations that ensure the Metasys software, user interface, monitoring and analytics are actively working to provide optimum energy usage, minimized costs, enhanced security, and greater productivity.