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Perfectemp provides skilled maintenance, replacement, and installation services for large commercial businesses.  Our commitment to responsiveness and professionalism has distinguished us as a trusted source of HVAC solutions in Connecticut since 1998.

Your trusted source for commercial HVAC services!

If you would like more information about our Commercial HVAC services, or would like to schedule a convenient appointment time, contact us at (860) 846-0735.  We offer a wide range of opportunities and strategies to improve the efficiency, operational costs, safety, reliability, and overall performance of your commercial HVAC equipment.

Learn more about reliable commercial HVAC repairs, service, and installations from the team at Perfectemp!

  • Repairs – The team from Perfectemp is always available to handle emergency service needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We provide prompt response and arrive equipped to minimize downtime and disruption.  By keeping prices affordable, utilizing only high quality equipment, and working to lengthen system life, we deliver greater return for your investment.  Contact us for straightforward solutions to even the most complex commercial challenges.
  • Maintenance – Your commercial HVAC system works hard, operating continually month after month.  Without proactive service, equipment will gradually lose efficiency and succumb to wear and tear.  Contact Perfectemp to keep your equipment running at peak capacity, and let us help you avoid hazardous conditions, damage, and the aggravation of sudden breakdowns.  Our experienced technicians correct minor problems before they lead to system failure, perform extensive safety checks, and significantly extend system service life.
  • Installation – State-of-the-art commercial HVAC systems, customized to answer the exact requirements of your building, lower operational costs, ensure reliability, and provide tighter control over energy use and comfort levels.  At Perfectemp, we recognize that your HVAC system is responsible for approximately 50% of your facility’s energy use, and take every opportunity to reduce your overhead.  By implementing the ideal solution to your exact needs, and offering advanced strategies, such as zone control and monitoring, we maximize energy saving potential.
    • IntelliPak II – Enhanced features and rewards, advanced controls, and industry leading energy efficiency separates Trane’s IntelliPak II from all competitors.  The Trane rooftop Unit Control Module (UCM) is an innovative, modular microprocessor control design, which orchestrates the operation of the IntelliPak II Rooftop, for consistent and economical performance, and enables standalone operation of the unit.  Human Interface Panel provides access to the unit controls, allowing for tighter management, impressive monitoring capability, and unprecedented diagnostic information.  The IntelliPak II can be configured for direct communication with a Trane Tracer or a 3rd party building management system for on-site or remote access to operating status details and control adjustment features.
    • IntelliPak I – Offering the lowest overall installed cost and the most rewarding Energy Efficiency Ratio on the market, the IntelliPak I Commercial Packaged Rooftop Unit features Trane eDrive direct-drive plenum fan technology and Trane eFlex variable-speed compressor technology.  The advanced, modular microprocessor control design of the Unit Control Module (UCM) regulates and allows for efficient, stand-alone operation. Access to unit controls, through a Human Interface Panel, enables a tight control, superior monitoring availability, and unequaled diagnostic information.